My name is Valentin Bossens, also known as Valord.
I’m an Interactive Media Designer born in 1995 in Switzerland.

I discovered my vocation at eikon, an applied art school in Fribourg, where I also got my diploma. Before that, I studied architecture and also got my drafter’s diploma.

I’m a very curious person with a great hunger for knowledge. I love to experiment and I'm eager on vastening my skill sets through self learning. I need variations and unknowns.
That's why I have decided on a vast profession that will always challenge and push me towards exploring new horizons while working in an important teamwork.

Passionate about video games and Japanese culture ever since I can remember, I began having a different perspective on things.
Everything that had to do with creation and imagination caught my eye: the animations, colors, lights and shadows, sounds and voices, effects, textures ...
I wanted to see the backstage.

Now that I’m older, I am fortunate enough to be part of this creative journey.
I would like to share my creativity and, as possible as I can, make people dream like others did for me.